• Leading Provider of Market Research
    Dedicated to China semiconductor and electronics industry.
  • Deep Understanding of China Semiconductor Industry
    Wide connections with the industry and well respected analyst team.

ICwise's Expertise

Icwise has gathered analysts from international renowned research institutes and well-experienced experts in the field of semiconductors and electronics, built a comprehensive, solidly based market research system, and followed the industry development closely, as to provide our customers with objective,independent data and professional, reliable analysis.


  1. Insist On Primary Research

    ICWise is sticking to primary research. Thousands of high quality face to face interviews has been done with experts in the semiconductor and electronic industry.


  2. Detailed Industry Database

    Icwise has built vertically a database of the semiconductor industry, varying from upper-end supplies to lower-end demands, which could support your decisive decision.

  3. Professional Perspective

    Icwise has gathered a large group of highly distinct experts like Vincent Gu in semiconductor and electronic industry.

  4. Neutral and Objective Views

    Icwise,in obedience to objectivity, always neutrally predict the industry development from the stand of a third party.